From Chicago, raised in what many would call the “hood” the “Ghetto” or the “trenches” Goalden Chyld aka G.C. is as authentic and as genuine as they come. Growing up with 4 siblings, a single mother, an absent father, government assistance and even living in shelters from time to time G.C. was given absolutely NO silver spoons and NO handouts just a unique education that taught him the truth of his peoples great history and the truth of the system we currently live in, which inspired him to say “Fuck this Shit we can’t keep living like this!” Goalden Chyld desires freedom, justice and equality for all regardless of creed, class or color and understanding that music can be used to inspire, his goal is to use his art to help bring about the change he wants to see! He hates his music referred to as “Conscious music” he says “until a new genre is made for my style let’s just call this REAL MUSIC You know you know!”

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